Choosing the Right Training for Your Government Contracting Journey

5-Day Government Contracting Bootcamp

Duration & Format: A comprehensive 5-day virtual live training.

Target Audience: Ideal for those new to government contracting.

Curriculum Highlights:

Days 1-2: Focused on sourcing contracts, understanding solicitations, and mastering bid documents.

Day 3: Dedicated to effective subcontractor management.

Day 4: Insights into no-bid contracts and strategies.

Day 5: Techniques for strategic government agency marketing.

Additional Benefits: 90-day replay access, comprehensive bid workbook, access to previous masterclass replays, and personalized assistance with two bids.

Best For: Beginners seeking a thorough foundation in government contracting, from finding contracts to marketing their services.


Art of Procurement Training

Duration & Location: An intensive 2-day live training in Atlanta.

Target Audience: Designed for more experienced government contractors.

Curriculum Highlights:

Comprehensive coverage on solicitation assessment, crafting award-winning proposals, leveraging AI in contracting, contract pricing, subcontractor management, effective submittals, strategic marketing, and contract management.

Hands-on workshop approach with practical application, including proposal writing, subcontractor interaction, and bid analysis.

Prerequisites: Qualification required to enroll in this high-level training.

Best For: Seasoned contractors ready to elevate their contracting skills with advanced strategies and hands-on application.

Decision Guidance:

If you’re just stepping into the world of government contracting, our 5-Day Bootcamp provides a robust foundation, covering the entire spectrum of the contracting process. For those with existing experience who are ready to take their skills to a higher level, the Art of Procurement training offers an immersive, hands-on experience focusing on advanced topics and practical application.