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We are entrepreneurs, analysts and business experts.

Global Connects LLC, is a world class Government Contracting Consulting Firm. We engage with small businesses to facilitate the process of procuring government contracts.

We strive for excellence in providing services that assist companies with doing business with various government agencies across the country.

Global Connects serves businesses and individuals interested in increasing their revenue through the procurement of Government Contracts. Our clients expand across multiple regions of the world and hold divergent points of view. We help them explore new opportunities, and we satisfy our clients by facilitating brilliant engagement and providing the right resources.

Our core disciplines span various sectors, including education, government, multi-national commercial enterprise, marketing, media, technology, production, and distribution.


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"How To Win In Your City" E-Book

Our E-Book has been hand-crafted to answer questions about winning Government Contracts in your City! The information provided in this E-Book highlights how businesses can generate over $100,000 doing business with different government agencies within their local city/county and various cities/counties across the country.

Monday – Friday, 6:30pm-8:30pm EST


Our 5 Day Bootcamp is a live virtual intensive training that is geared towards helping companies do business with different government agencies.

The Workbook

"The BID Workbook"

Our world-class “Bid Workbook” will give you everything you need to properly break down and assess all your bid opportunities and solicitations.

We have designed this workbook to be easily digestible and useable to help answer problems that have been hindering the contracting industry for over 50 years.

Monday – Wednesday, 6:30pm-8:30pm EST


Our 3 Day Course is an intensive live virtual training that is geared to people without a specific niche get into Government Contracting by brokering deals for other businesses.

"FARBars E-Book"

FAR BARs E-book was built to help you navigate through the F.A.R. The FAR can be highly cumbersome it is composed of 2,320 pages. We read it, so you don’t have to.